Sardine Run ocean safari time

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Sardine Run ocean safari time

There are so many incredible images that come out of the sardine run ocean safari time of the year.

Let us share just a VERY FEW of these with you.

We always say that time spent on the ocean each day is NOT just about chasing after the little silver fish with a massive reputation known as sardines, in all their versions.

It is, indeed, about absolutely everything that CAN be seen during these months, all coming together at the same time, same area, all creating excitement for photographers and Nature lovers alike.

For ocean lovers, in particular, to spend time with the humpback whales during their annual migration gives one a feeling of deep, soulful joy. To witness their tail slapping, lob tailing, spy hopping or, at times, general disinterest in us, brings a massive smile to the lips of everyone on board our boats. What a total privilege it always is to see these incredible, musical, whales.  Whether travelling on their own or in a group, many photographers have taken literally thousands of images of their antics and communicative displays.


humpback whale


Greg Lecoeur 7


And then there is the ever watchful Cape Gannet, the most crafty and talented plunge diver you can ever wish to meet, totally equipped to lunge itself head first into the ocean, wings tucked in, eyes appearing rather large and out of place when encountered under water. Merrily swimming along, wings flapping, looking for that meal, possibly grabbing not 1 but 2 sardines before plopping back on the surface, only to take off and try it all over again.  When seen out of the water, they have the most beautiful yellow head (adults) and blue eyes.

Gannets hardly having to move to gorge themselves

Greg Lecoeur 8



And ocean bird sightings are not limited to the Cape Gannets either.  We have the ever present Skua, yellow nose Albatros, a few from the Petrel family………….the list goes on.


And then there are the different species of dolphins, the most watched species being the common dolphin, which at times can be super pod in size with an estimate of 18 000 plus.


sardine run 2017Greg Lecoeur 4DSC_0609




Let us not forget about the MANY species of sharks that we can expect to encounter, whether with action or not.  The most common sightings being Bronze Whaler aka Copper sharks & Dusky sharks, just to mention a very few!


sardine run ocean safari 2017









Isn’t sardine run ocean safari time just too incredible!!!!!!!!!!!


Another plus is that we can expect to see pretty much anything on any given day.  We never know when it/they will appear, at what time of the day, or in what weather conditions.  Which is why we try to stay out at sea for as long as we can each day, but safety always comes first and weather conditions play a big part here. And of course our most favourite  of sayings being………………you will not see it by being on land or by sitting on the boat.  You need to get in and out of the boat each day for as many times as you have the energy to do it!!!!!


Cape fur seal hunting for sardines

sardine run ocean safari












The potential sightings list goes on and on but sadly we only have one page to document all of this.


Even the beautiful scenery matches a photographers dream, linked to everything else that is going on………………………



First beach

Home from the airstrip






Sardine run ocean safari time is almost upon us.


Come and join us at Offshore Africa, the only locally based operator, for THE experience of a lifetime, in Port St John’s, the home of the sardine run.