Spotted ragged tooth shark course

Spotted Ragged tooth shark course

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Spotted Ragged tooth shark course

Spotted Ragged tooth shark course

Our spotted ragged tooth shark course is aimed at all those wishing to learn more about sharks and in particular, about the hugely famous “Raggie” as it is commonly known in these parts of the world.  Other names given to this species are Sand tiger or Grey nurse.

They say………….

We only conserve what we love,
we only love that which we understand,
we only understand what we know,
we only know what we are taught.

Author: Baba Dioum


There has never been a more true saying than the above and especially when it comes to shark preservation & conservation and in fact to sharks in general.

Sharks need our help desperately and it is only through a learning and understanding process that you will come to understand how important these few words are.  We all need to take on the role of shark ambassadors in our oceans, worldwide.

Never before has the plight of sharks been so important as it is now. The converted, those that understand, compared to those that do not,  is heavily tipped on the scale of the latter and it is up to each and every one of us to pass the information on.

It is absolutely imperative that they remain in our oceans and that man understands the pivotal role that they play in our oceans with regards to  sustainability and assisting in maintaining a healthy balance within our oceans.

Amongst other things, this short formal presentation will cover:-

  • Ragged tooth shark classification
  • Distribution & habitats
  • Biology
  • Behaviour
  • Threats

There will be a short quiz after each section to help you to remember the key points about this species of shark.

You will also do a scuba dive with this incredible shark and be given the opportunity to put your newly found knowledge into perspective when spending time with them underwater.

A highly informative slate will be issued to each diver to keep, which will assist with the learning process in identifying this species.


It is simply not good enough to “just dive” with sharks, one must learn more about them, how vastly different each species is and how one can interact positively and safely with each through additional knowledge gained.

There have been many dives done by divers that see a shark, not really knowing much about it or how it differs to another species.  And on a less positive note, to hear someone say “Did you see the shark” and someone asking “what shark was that” to receive an answer “I don’t know, it was a shark”.

The spotted Ragged tooth shark is a very unique shark in many, many ways and this course will assist you to learn why.


So come and be the difference you would like to see happen through knowledge, respect and understanding.


Come and join us at ScubaCo Dive centre, Aliwal Shoal, South Africa on 6th & 7th August 2017, which will be a kick start date to a series of shark awareness courses in the area over a period of time.