The Sardine Run 2017 has started with the usual suspects and fanfare

Sardine Run 2017 video: whales and dolphins abound

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Sardine Run 2017 video: whales and dolphins abound

The 2017 Sardine run has kicked off on schedule, with Offshore Africa bringing back the goods right off the bat. The following video material was shot by David Du Tigre out at sea with Captain Rob Nettleton, just this week.

Although the slippery little sardines themselves are still laying low, the overwhelming presence of these marine predators – the whales and dolphins dancing in the video – means we are still way down in the queue! Patience is required.

However, if you just can’t wait, Offshore Africa have a few booking slots available for Sardine Run 2017. Going to sea with Rob and Debbie at this time of the year puts you in the game for all sorts. In amongst the paitent whales and dolphins prowl the impatient sharks and gamefish. And the bird bombardment is gathering force as they have been assembling in huge numbers – patrolling the coastline up and down, looking for signs of sardines.

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