Captured thru lens

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Captured thru lens during our boat Offshore 1 launch through the surf.

It’s not everyday that whilst you are negotiating the surf launch at the start of day, sardine run 2017, that you have a visitor watching you.

So which do you look at first?  The fin or the surf and ocean ahead of you?

Well the surf and ocean of course but one wonders if it were not for the camera, did any of our clients see it?

Questions that come to mind are size, species, curiosity to be where the boat is launching and many other interesting facts.





Check out this new image
Aside from our boat Offshore 1 launching check what else has been captured in the image #sardinerunsa #offshoreafrica #sardinerun2017 #portstjohns #wildedgeearthforce
from Offshore Africa Port St John’s.

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