Baitball action sardine run 2017

Sardine Run ocean safari 2017

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Sardine Run ocean safari 2017

Sardine Run ocean safari 2017 has been an insanely exciting, adrenaline filled time.

We are on day 37 of Sardine Run ocean safari 2017 and it has been an amazing season.

Since our start date of 11 June, it has been one amazing day after the next.

Baitballs all over the place, Brydes Whales scooping sardines in front of the divers, Bull sharks in on the action, what else can we say.

We will try to capture the year in the form of video and photographs, but to be here, in person and on the boat, is a TOTAL MUST DO THING!!!!!



An insane day today. The short video doesnt do the day justice. 3 large baitballs that went on all day until 2pm and by then our clients had had enough excitement. Brydes whales coming in and out scooping sards. Bull shark in on the action. An adrenalin filled epic day #sardinerun2017 #offshoreafrica #portstjohns #wildedgeearthforce
from Offshore Africa Port St John’s, the only locally based operator specializing in Sardine Run ocean safari trips.

Sardine Run 2018 bookings are open. Please get in touch if you are keen to experience this exciting event on the marine calendar.