sardine run update day 38

Sardine Run update day 38

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Sardine Run update day 38

Sardine Run update day 38.


Sardine Run 2017 has been nothing short of exhilarating and adrenaline filled for us here at Offshore Africa and it is not over yet by any means!!!!!

Here is a short video clip of what is still going on here with us at Offshore Africa in Port St John’s.

Mother Nature has graced us with absolutely incredible sightings this year and we will start to post some of these for you.

We have spent time with many Brydes Whales, whether sneaking in or making themselves visible to start with on the action.

Orca’s teaching a young calf hunting tactics.

Bull sharks in on the action.

Very brave and determined Dusky sharks in no way fazed about our presence in the water.

Spectacular Humpback whales and their breaching.

Sailfish in on the action.

Super pods of common dolphin, a sight to behold.

Scuba diving with Ragged tooth sharks too many to count

The list just goes on and on………………….and of course the famous silver fish known as Sardines, just to top it all off.