Ragged tooth sharks of Port St John's Sardine Run 2017

Ragged tooth sharks of Port St John’s Sardine Run 2017

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Ragged tooth sharks of Port St John’s Sardine Run 2017

The Ragged tooth sharks of Port St John’s congregate during our winter months’.

Upon descent on the dive site, as we approach closer to the bottom they appear in large numbers and very curious indeed.

Large males, even larger females and juveniles are all over the place and totally oblivious to our presence and they simply don’t care either.

Females have a lot of mating scars and we are of the opinion that this is a mating area during the winter months and why not?  Compared to their counterparts up in KwaZulu-Natal, who contend with far greater diver activity, boat activity and industrial pollution, it would seem the logical choice to spend time along the Wild Coast where there is way more peace and tranquility and of course, no industrial pollution in our waters.

When one spends time with these magestic and relaxed sharks, one has to think about what the human race is doing as a negative for shark populations with the demand for bather protection along the KwaZulu-Natal coastline by non education and a no care attitude adopted by many an ocean user.

Once educated, people will realize the vital role that sharks have to play within our oceans in keeping the delicate balance and it is this that we all need to share amongst each other to ensure conservation and preservation of all shark species within our oceans globally.


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