Sardine run Port St John's

Sardine run Port St John’s

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Sardine run Port St John’s

Sardine run Port St John’s

The sardine run , which takes place along our coastline here in Port St John’s, is our most exciting event on the marine calendar for all of us here at Offshore Africa.

From mid May we start to pay even closer attention to our ocean here, to what we may start to see earlier than normal so that we can head out to sea to start filming.  Being the only locally based operator along the entire Wild Coast, we are always on stand by to start our sardine run season whenever Mother Nature gives us the first sign that action is on its’ way.  We are also super privileged to be able to be the last boat on this coast for any late action that may take place.

We actually call it the sardine run ocean safari as the amount of marine life in the same area and at the same time is a mind blow for all marine lovers, whether a diver, snorkeller, passenger or top side photographer.

Sardine Run

Is the same as being on a game drive in the African bush.  Each outing is different, each half an hour or less, in time, is different and we never know what we are going to see until we are back at the base.  It is the day that a person on a game drive decides not to go that everything is sighted and it is no different here during our months of June/July and even into early August.

Some ocean days are far more taxing than others by way of ocean conditions, weather and encounters. It is not uncommon to be hopping on and off the boat at least 15 times in a days’ outing as action happens.  Neither is it uncommon to be on the boat for most of the days’ outing doing top side photography.  This is what makes the sardine run so, so exciting.  No one knows what each minute is going to bring.

Just as we unpack lunch on board our vessels, thinking that we have a short break to have something to eat and drink, the cape gannets start to pull in from nowhere and we go from nothing to chaos. One wonders where all the absent birds and dolphins arrive from at moments like these.  How can the ocean go from being relatively quiet to chaos in 5 minutes one asks?

Well that is the sardine run ocean safari in a nutshell.  There are no guarantees on dates or a specific time in a day for action to happen.  That is what makes it exciting beyond exciting!!!

We hope you enjoy this short clip of our sardine run Port St John’s.

2018 bookings are open.  Come and join us for an experience of a lifetime, our passion, the sardine run ocean safari.