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Humpback Whale migration R750

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Humpback Whale migration

Each year we are extremely privileged to experience the annual migration of the Humpback Whales from their home in Antarctic northwards to the warmer waters of Mozambique & Tanzania.

Females give birth to their calves in the warmer waters and during this migration, one can witness entire family groups travelling together or a mother and adolescent or simply males travelling together.

We can see the humpback whales making their northward migration to the warmer waters from as early as late May, early June and then starting with their migration back home southwards any time from early September until late November, sometimes into December.

During this time we witness some exceptional displays of breaching, spy hopping, lob tailing and some very vocal communication between individuals and family groups.

The humpback whale migration coincides with the annual sardine run.

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